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Summer Session 2022

June 27 - August 22, 2022

Tuition is listed below


We start new students anytime.

These are full tuition payments.  If you start after the first week call our office for the prorated amount for the class.  

All classes are 8 weeks.


1 Hour, Parent & Tot, and Tumble Bee

8 weeks    Regular  $156

1 Hour 10 minutes

8 weeks    Regular  $168

1 Hour 30 minutes

8 weeks    Regular  $192

2 Hour

8 weeks    Regular  $231

More Than One Child Discount:

This is for immediate family brothers and sisters only.  If you have a second child taking classes, you get 10% off the lesser of the two tuition.  If you have three or more children in the program you get 10% off your total class tuition.


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