Birthday Parties

Wow is this a cool time for everyone!  Parents you schedule a time, bring the cake and ice cream and we do the rest.  Kids gets your friends and family together and be ready for a party full of fun and action.


From the moment you arrive, to the end of your party one of our birthday party hosts will help you with every detail of your party.  Hope you book a party soon!  

Birthday Party Times:

Our normal birthday party time block is 2 hours.  If you want to have a longer party call our office and we can arrange that for you.  The time slots listed below are most popular time slots.  If there is another time you are looking to book a party give us a call and arrange that for you.

Days & Times

Saturday         3:00- 5:00

Saturday         5:30 - 7:30

Sunday            1:00 - 3:00

Sunday            3:30 - 5:30

Birthday Party Rates:

0 - 12 Guests

$95.00 Members  

$110.00 Non-Members

13 - 20 Guests

$135.00 Members  

$150.00 Non-Members

How To Book A Party:

Birthday parties are very popular at NorthStar we suggest you book well in advance to secure a time near the actual birthday.  Here’s how to book a party.

  1. Pick a time above on the date you want to book your party.  Call our office at 616-866-8731 or you can e-mail us at and we can confirm if that time is available.  If it’s not we can find we an alternate time.

  2. We will determine what the cost of your party will be from the rate chart above.

  3. Once you have made your reservation we will send you a birthday party information packet.  In the packet will be a birthday party waiver form.

  4. FINAL CONFIRMATION.  Parties booked with 15 days or more: From the date we mail the packet out you have 5 business days to return the birthday party waiver form and make your full payment.  Only then is your party time confirmed.  After 5 days if we don’t have the form and full payment your time slot will be cancelled.  You will have to contact us to      reschedule a time.  Parties booked with less than 14 days:  You have 2 business days to return the birthday party waiver form and make your full payment.  Only then is your party time confirmed.  After 2 days if we don’t have the form and full payment your time slot will be cancelled.  You will have to contact us to reschedule a time. 

  5. Parties are non-refundable.  Additional charges may apply the day of your party if more guests attend than are registered.


Highlights and Important Information About Parties At NorthStar:

  1. What you need to bring.  Cake and ice cream.  If there are any other food items you want you can bring them.  We have a refrigerator and freezer for you to use.

  2. What NorthStar provides.  Punch, cups, plates, napkins, disposable eating utensils.

  3. Parties are intended as recreational entertainment only.  This is not a gymnastics instructional time.  The birthday party host is there to maintain a safe, active, and enjoyable atmosphere.

  4. Only children are allowed to be in the party activities.  No adults are allowed on any of the equipment or in the training pit.

  5. You will be issued a game sheet.  You can choose games on the form.  It is preferred that you turn in the form a few days before the party.  It helps the host get prepared before you arrive. 

  6. The Party.  Our birthday parties are 2 hours long.  We start by introducing the kids to the gym and go over safety rules.  The children then have open time to explore the gym. Our staff will start conducting the games that have been selected off the game sheet, with more open time to follow.  We usually like to do cake and punch (and any other food items you bring) the last 20 - 30 minutes of the party.  Here’s the best part.  Parents when it’s      over you load the kids and the presents in the car and go home, we take care of the clean up.