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Tumble Bee 1 & 2

3 1/2 - 6 years old. Coed
Classes begin the week of June 26th


Tumble Bee 1 & 2 is a combined class where the teacher focuses on the child’s specific goals.  The class meets once a week for 50 minutes


Tumble Bee 1:   Our Tumble Bee 1 Gymnastics and Fitness program is conducted in an exciting and active atmosphere.   This Program is designed for the preschooler who is ready for the social setting of the student/teacher based class.  Our Goals Program and Curriculum involve gymnastics, fitness, and early childhood development skills.

Tumble Bee 2:  Our Tumble Bee 2 Program is a progression of our Tumble Bee 1 Program and  involves the same philosophy.  Children must have graduated from our Tumble Bee 1 Program or be evaluated by a staff member.

Class Day & Times

Monday        10:30-11:20
Monday       5:10-6:00       

Tuesday      6:05-6:55
Wednesday      10:30-11:20    

Wednesday      6:10-7:00
Thursday     11:10-12:00

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